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Diadema savignyi   (Michelin, 1845)                  

Black long-spined sea urchin, needle-spined sea urchin, blue-eyed sea urchin

Tessa Jones (2012)   



Fact Sheet



Physical Description


Life History & Behaviour

Anatomy & Physiology

Evolution & Systematics

Biogeographic Distribution

Conservation & Threats

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Conservation & Threats

According to Sloan (1985), increased demand for sea urchins for human consumption in recent years has led to overfishing and diminishing stocks. As a result, research into fisheries management has increased in many parts of the world where over-fishing is a problem, such as Chile, Spain, Japan, California and North America (Muthiga & McClanahan, 2007). However, D. savignyi, or any Diadema species in fact, is not listed on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, suggesting that it is currently not under threat. The fishing practices of these urchins however should be continued to be closely monitored to ensure these urchins do not become threatened. (See Ecology for impacts of reduced urchin density on coral reefs).