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Fungia fungites (Linnaeus, 1758)                                                

Common Mushroom Coral

Ben Murphy (2012)




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Threats & Conservation

All corals including F.fungites are included in CITES Appendix II and F.fungites is listed on the IUCN red list as a near threatened species (IUCN Red List, 2012).


Major global threats include:

  •  Climate change is a major threat to all coral species. This global phenomenon \is predicted to act on corals via higher temperature extremes leading to       large scale bleaching events, increased severity of ENSO events, increased storm intensity causing more physical damage and ocean acidification, making it harder for corals to create their calcium carbonate skeletons (IUCN Red List, 2012).
  • Coral disease, is becoming a larger threat yearly. With the number of diseases, number of coral species affected by the diseases and the distribution of these diseases have all increased significantly in the past decade. Climate change will likely make corals more susceptible to these diseases (IUCN Red List, 2012).

Localised threats include:

  • Collection for aquariums and the dead coral curio-trade. Indonesia is the largest exporter of F.fungites (IUCN Red List, 2012).
  • Fisheries causing phase shifts to macroalage dominated systems which smother corals (IUCN Red List, 2012).
  • Pollution from agriculture and industry spilling from rivers (IUCN Red List, 2012).
  • Dredging plooms can smother corals, as documented in experimentation within (IUCN Red List, 2012).


There are no direct conservation measures in place to conserve F.fungites. Although the species distribution ranges do overlap with marine parks and no-take areas. Good conservation measures would be to increase research efforts to gain a greater understanding of the population structure and dynamics of F.fungites to enable more accurate predictions about future range expansions to determine the resilience of this species in relation to climate change.



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