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Stichopus horrens (Selenka 1867)

Peanutfish, Flemfish, Selenka's sea cucumber

Chantelle Morrison (2012)



Fact Sheet



Physical Description


Life History & Behaviour

Anatomy & Physiology

Evolution & Systematics

Biogeographic Distribution

Conservation & Threats

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Conservation & Threats

Stichopus horrens is a valuable species for fisheries throughout the Indo-Pacific and as such is susceptible to overfishing (Hearn and Pinillos, 2006, Buckius et al., 2010). S. horrens is harvested for the viscera (guts), body and for enzymes produced which may have medicinal value, including influencing hypertension in humans (Forghani et al., 2012).

In some cases fisheries for other valuable beche-de-mer species have collapsed, shifting focus to S. horrens (Hearn and Pinillos, 2006). It is one of the highest valued species in the beche-de-mer industry, recorded at $42.62USD in the Solomon Islands in 2010 (Buckius et al., 2010). As such, there is a strong driver for continuous harvesting and management actions are required.