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Student Project Figures

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Figure 1

Figure 1. Dorsal views of six different species of Anoplodactylus. (A) A. angulatus, female. Scale 0.5 mm. (B) A. petiolatus, male. Scale 1 mm. (C) A. pygmaeus, male. Scale 0.5 mm. (D) A. virescens. Scale 2 mm. (E) A. evansi. Mainly red body with blue markings, yellow leg joints. Images A, B; C; D; and E adapted from Lehmann et al. (2014); Zool, Koçak, and Alan (2013); Galli, Colasanto, Betti, and Capurro (2019); Ballesteros et al. (2020) respectively.

Figure 1 Figure 2