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Student Project Figures

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Figure 4

Figure 4. Type 4 postembryonic development of Anoplodactylus, represented by A. erectus. (A) Encysted larvae within a hydroid. (B) Ventral view of the first instar or protonymphon showing larval appendages with filamentous strands. Scale 12 μm. (C) Ventral view of second instar. Scale 12 μm. (D) Dorsal view of third instar. Scale 30 μm. (E) Dorsal view of sixth instar. Abbreviations: chelifores (I), larval appendages (II and III), remnant larval appendage (a), first walking leg (IV), second walking leg (V), third walking leg (VI), fourth walking leg (VII). Adapted from Bain (2003).

Figure 4