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Student Project Figures

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Figure 5

Figure 5. Mouth openings of A. angulatus female and A. pygmaeus male showing different morphologies. Dorsal side up. (A) Frontal view of A. angulatus mouth opening showing the chelifores with developed chela. Scale 40 µm. (B) A. angulatus Y-shaped mouth opening showing absence of any fringing seta, microtrichia or papillae. Scale 20 µm. (C) A. pygmaeus mouth opening showing a few microtrichia fringing the lips. Scale 20 µm. (D) A. angulatus dorsal chelifores with palps absent. Scale 20 μm. Abbreviations: chela (ch), chelifore (cf), fixed finger (ff), movable finger (mf), mouth (mo), palp (pa), proboscis (pr), teeth (te). Images D; A, B, C adapted from Dietz et al. (2018); Lehmann et al. (2014).

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