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Student Project Figures

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Figure 8

Figure 8. Schematic diagram of the nervous system. Viewed laterally, anterior to the left. Seen within the proboscis is the proximally located pharyngeal filter or ‘oyster basket’. Digestive tract shown in light green. Nerves shown in red. Brain and ganglion shown in blue. Abbreviations: anal tubercle (at), brain (br), chelifloral nerve (chn), dorsal proboscis ganglion (dpg), dorsal proboscis nerve (dpn), oesophagus (eso), eye (ey), lateral sense organ (ls), hindgut (hg), intersegmental nerve (isn), midgut (mg), ovigeral nerve (ovn), palpal nerve (pan), proctodeal nerve (pn), suboesophageal ganglion (seg), dorsolateral thickening (th), ventral proboscis ganglion (vpg), ventral proboscis nerve (vpn), walking leg ganglion (wlg), walking leg nerve (wln). Adapted from Georg Brenneis (2015).

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