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Student Project Figures

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Figure 21
General diagram of Nembrotha kubaryana (Bergh, 1877) anatomy and internal organs. The scale bar represents 1mm. Abbreviations are as follow: bb, buccal bulb; bgl, blood gland; ca, cephalic artery; cg, cerebral ganglion; hg+dg, hermaphrodite gland + digestive gland; in, intestine; nrh, rhinophoral nerve; oe, oesophagus; ot, oral tube; pe, pericardium; rh, rhinophore; rs, renal syrinx; sgl, salivary gland; va, vagina; vd, vas deferens; ve, ventricle.
Image credit: Pola, Cervera and Gosliner, 20082


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