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Cypraea caputserpentis

Serpent's Head Cowrie

             Shun Y. WONG (2014)






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Cypraea caputserpentis is an animalunder gastropod mollusc. The shell is oval with spiral layer inside. The shell mouth is narrow, outer lip and inner lip with fine teeth structure. The shell almost entirely cover by a thin mantle. The spiral part extremely small which usually hide behind the body whorl without operculum. The shell surface smooth and shiny, with a brown humped and various sizes of white dots and blotches. Caputserpentis can be found in warm tropical and subtropical waters from the intertidal zone to the deep reef, coral reef or seabed sediment area. Mainly algae or reef animals for food. They can be found at Indo Pacific Ocean region. Caputserpentis move by using the muscular foot tissue. The thick muscular foot tissue can produce mucus as lubricant when moving and reduce desiccation (Denny 1980). The mantle extend and cover the whole shell. The whole body also can retract back into the shell. It has high ornamental and collectible value by a beautiful color and body shape.