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Cypraea caputserpentis

Serpent's Head Cowrie

             Shun Y. WONG (2014)






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Physical Description


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Physical Description

Shape & size

Mostly 15-35mm in total length, can reach 45mm in length. Sides thickened shell. Usually oval shape, arched dorsum with a flattened base. The base has an open mouth on the both sides, forming angular margin. Shell on both sides of the mouth with short teeth (Burgess 1970).


     Identification resources

Coated with a layer of enamel on the dorsal surface, very smooth and shiny. The humped dorsum is cover with brown color with various sizes of white dots and blotches. The shell margin covered with dark reddish brown color. The shell verge is smooth with light beige color, the mouth teeth and adjacent base is white and the lip is thick. The body whorl will grow overtime then the mouth become narrow. The clear longitudinal central line on the top dorsum was almost identical to the total length of the shell. The mouth lips were inward rolled direction. Margin with toothed pattern and no operculum structure. The spiral part of adult individuals is extremely small, usually hide behind the body whorl. Larvae were blue in color. Juvenile has similar color and body structure as adult (Meyer 2003).