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Cypraea caputserpentis

Serpent's Head Cowrie

             Shun Y. WONG (2014)






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Evolution & Systematics

This species Cypraea caputserpentis was discovered by Linnaeus, C. in 1758 (Linnaeus 1758). It is under PHYLUM Mollusca > CLASS Gastropoda > ORDER Littorinimorpha.

There is a subspecies under Cypraea caputserpentis : C. caputserpentis caputophidii (Schilder 1927). In taxonomy, the following list is the synonyms of species:

Cypraea mauritiana Linnaeus, 1758

Cypraea reticulum Gmelin, 1791

Cypraea bandata Perry, 1811

Cypraea albella Lamarck, 1822

Cypraea caputanguis Philippi, 1849

Cypraea caputanguis var. sophia Brazier, 1897

Cypraea caputserpentis Linnaeus, 1758

Cypraea caputserpentis var. caputcolubri Kenyon, 1898

Cypraea caputserpentis var. candidata Sullioti, 1924

Cypraea caputserpentis var. argentata Dautzenberg & Bouge, 1933

Erosaria caputserpentis (Linnaeus, 1758)

Erosaria (Ravitrona) caputserpentis kenyonae Schilder &Schilder, 1938

Erosaria (Ravitrona) caputserpentis mikado Schilder &Schilder, 1938

Erosaria (Ravitrona) caputserpentis var. albosignata Coen, 1949