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Cypraea caputserpentis

Serpent's Head Cowrie

             Shun Y. WONG (2014)






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Conservation & Threats

Cypraea caputserpentis is one of the gastropods family which lives in coastal area. It lives in tropical, sub-band shallow water, often in intertidal reef zone near the benthonic habitat. Therefore, the coastal pollution harmful to this species. Compare to the size, the 8 samples which collected in Gold Coast seaway, QLD are small, between 18 - 30 mm in length and the average is 24mm. And the population is not abundance at all.

Nowadays, global warming is one one the obvious problem to the ecosystem. The ocean acidification may destroy the calcium carbon of the shell (Schnoor 2013). That may kill the animals by shell collapsing. Under urbanization, the water pollution become more serious in the world because caputserpentis live in shallow benthonic habitat, the heavy metal sediment and waste water could poison the species. Even no direct evidence to prove human civilisation cause the population decrease of it, but pollution does affect the ocean.