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Hyastenus sp

(White, 1847)

Decorator crab      

Artur Palau (2014)                                                                                                            



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Life History & Behaviour

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Conservation & Threats


Hyastenus is most likely to be found in the rubble zone on the outer fringe of coral reefs. Because of this, any changes affecting the reef could in turn have a detrimental effect on the species.  The global climate changes, water pollution, diseases affecting corals and overfishing are factors contributing severely to the loss of coral throughout the world (De’ath and Fabricius, 2010; Harvell et al., 2007; Jackson et al., 2001; Veron et al., 2009).

The genus Hyastenus has not been evaluated for the IUCN Red list, as a taxon endangered of extinction (IUCN, 2013).

However, once this taxon is associated with coral reefs, and is mainly found in the Great Barrier Reef, threats to coral reef ecosystems might threaten Hyastenus as a consequence.