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Morula marginalba

Mulberry Whelk

Felicia Manning (2014)



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Physical Description


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Anatomy & Physiology

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Biogeographic Distribution

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Biogeographic distribution

Gastropods evolved on rocky marine bottoms but they have expanded into different ranges of habitat.  Natural selection has caused the gastropods to have correlation in shell shape, locomotion, and habitat. (Ruppert et al. 2004) This particular gastropod is found on the rocky and intertidal shore usually near the animals on which it preys on, like limpets and barnacles. Also it is common in estuaries because it preys on oysters. (Davey 2000) In some parts of Australia the Mulberry Whelk is considered a pest to Oyster farmers. The adults are usually in rock crevices and juveniles can be found under rock debris. (Davey 2000)
 Figure 14 shows the different areas around the world where M.marginalba can be found. There have been recordings in southwest Asia in the state of Oman and Yemen. As well as the Philippines and Indonesia but they are most abundant in Australia.

 Figure 14.