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(Plebi)donax deltoides (Lamarck)                          

Pipi or Cockle

Ashleigh Moy (2014)



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Physical Description & Anatomy

Ecology & Distribution

Life History & Behaviour

Evolutionary History

Conservation & Threats

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Plebidonax deltoides is a bivalve mollusc commonly found down the east Australian coast and across the southern coastline of South Australia. They are commonly found on dissipative, or high energy, beaches in the intertidal zones. The age scale across the beach is depicted below with the larger adults more common further down the beach and the juveniles at towards the top of the high tide point.

Fig 1: Age and size structure down the beach

Plebidonax deltoides goes by different names depending on your location around Australia. Queenslanders generally refer to this species as pipis while the southern states more commonly call them cockles.

Image 1: Pipi placed on the sand

Within this webpage you will find a broad range of details on the pipi including a physical description, general ecology and  biogeographical distribution, life history and behaviour (including a brief study into the burrowing habits of the species), anatomy, basic evolutionary history, and the current conservation threats.

Image 2: Variation in size of P. deltoides