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Rhabdastrella globostellata (Carter, 1883)

Yellow Pot Sponge

Rebecca Fieth (2011)



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Systematics or Phylogenetics

At current Rhabdastrella globostellata is placed within Rhabdastrella Thiele, 1903, of the family Ancorinidae, order Astrophorida (Kennedy, 2000; van Soest 2011a,b). Closely related to Jaspis stellifera morphologically, specimens of R. globostellata have in the past often been mistaken for J. stellifera (Kennedy, 2000).

As stated here, DNA barcoding is taking over as a new method of assessing the phylogenetics of sponge taxa as a whole, with Rhabdastrella globostellata and its parent family Ancorinidae undergoing revision (Cardenas et al., 2011) that challenges previously published taxonomy (Kennedy, 2000; van Soest 2011a,b). There is however limited sampling and further studies are needed to reinforce the new system.

The results of both Nichols (2005) and Cardenas et al. (2011) studies into the molecular phylogeny of Demospongiae and Astrophorida respectively, show a mass revision is needed in regards to grouping within certain families/clades. This revision though, is dependant on given data, discussed in terms of clades. Cardenas et al. (2011) in particular found that within the Astrophorida, and the family Ancorinidae especially, that certain genera displayed homoplasy and were in fact more closely related through molecular phylogenetics than previously thought. Results indicated the polyphyletic genera Rhabdastrella (including Rhabdastrella globostellata) should be placed within the family Geodiidae, a move supported by biochemical findings for isomalabaricane triterpenes in Rhabdastrella globostellata and Geodia japonica (Clement et al., 2006; Cardenas et al., 2011). Further investigation is needed to resolve a problem as complex as untangling and aligning the phylogenetic tree of Astrophorida, using all genetic tools currently available.

With the advent of new molecular techniques the current classification system, as laid out in Systema Porifera may need revision to include newly discovered relatedness between clades. Current classification of Rhabdastrella globostellata according to Systema Porifera is shown below (Uriz, 2002; Cardenas 2010; van Soest et al., 2011a,b):

Family Ancorinidae Schmidt, 1870
Genus Ancorina Schmidt, 1862
Genus Asteropus Sollas, 1888
Genus Cryptosyringa Vacelet, 1979
Genus Disyringa Sollas, 1888
Genus Ecionemia Bowerbank, 1864
Genus Holoxea Topsent, 1892
Genus Jaspis Gray, 1867
Genus Melophlus Thiele, 1899
Genus Penares Gray, 1867
Genus Psammastra Sollas, 1886
Genus Rhabdastrella Thiele, 1903

Species Rhabdastrella actinosa Lévi, 1964
Species Rhabdastrella aurora Hentschel, 1909)
Species Rhabdastrella cordata Wiedenmayer, 1989
Species Rhabdastrella cribriporosa (Dendy, 1916)
Species Rhabdastrella distincta (Thiele, 1900)
Species Rhabdastrella fibrosa (Hechtel, 1983)

Species Rhabdastrella globostellata (Carter, 1883)
Synonymised taxa;
Aurora globostellata (Carter, 1883) (genus transfer)
Stelletta globostellata (Carter, 1883) (genus transfer)
Stellettinopsis coriacea (Carter, 1886) (genus transfer and junior synonym)
Stellettinopsis purpurea (Carter, 1886) (genus transfer and junior synonym)
Species Rhabdastrella intermedia Wiedenmayer, 1989
Species Rhabdastrella membranacea (Hentschel, 1909)
Species Rhabdastrella oxytoxa (Thomas, 1973)
Species Rhabdastrella primitiva (Burton, 1926)
Species Rhabdastrella providentiae (Dendy, 1916)
Species Rhabdastrella reticulata (Carter, 1883)
Species Rhabdastrella rowi (Dendy, 1916)
Species Rhabdastrella spinosa (Lévi, 1967)
Species Rhabdastrella sterrastraea (Row, 1911)
Species Rhabdastrella trichophora (Lévi & Lévi, 1989)
Species Rhabdastrella virgula (Boury-Esnault, 1973)
Genus Stelletta Schmidt, 1862
Genus Stryphnus Sollas, 1886
Genus Tethyopsis Stewart, 1870
Genus Tribrachium Weltner, 1882